BRC-20 is the inaugural standard of the foundation

The foundation's initial meta-protocol support will be for BRC-20. As time progresses, other standards will also receive support and can be located under the Protocols section.


BRC-20 is an experiment to see if ordinal theory and inscriptions can emulate fungibility on bitcoin. It was created in march 2023 by @domodata and the original documentation/white paper can be found here.

BRC-20, like all meta-protocols, necessitates indexing, a service currently provided by Unisat and Best in Slot, amongst others. Best in Slot is actively working towards open sourcing their indexing in partnership with the foundation. Once live this will live in the Implementations section.

Beyond the technical reference implementation repository for the standard, all additional resources can be found on the foundation's discourse page. This is where comprehensive documentation, clarifications of rules, setup guides, and information on infrastructure and tooling will be housed for easy access. Additionally, a specific section will be dedicated to discussing the prospective evolution of BRC-20, providing a platform where individuals can propose and share innovative ideas.

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