BRC20 IP1: Issuance and Burn Enhancements

The first proposal of the maintainership era.


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  • Introduction of Self-Issuance Mechanism

    • Incorporation of a self_mint option empowers asset deployers with exclusive rights to mint, enhancing control over asset issuance.

  • Adoption of 5-byte Tickers

    • Facilitates a clearer distinction between self-issued and publicly issued assets, improving asset management and identification.

    • Increases constrained namespace

  • Consensus on the Burn Method

    • Standardizes the asset destruction process, providing clarity and uniformity across the BRC-20 ecosystem.


  • General Benefits

    • Enhances the protocol's flexibility and functionality, allowing for more innovative asset issuance and management methodologies.

  • General Considerations

    • Requires additional development effort and adaptation from the community, which could temporarily affect compatibility and integration with existing systems.


Self issuance:

Consensus on burn method:

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