brc-20 improvement proposals

A number of improvement proposals have been submitted to L1F.

Modular Complexity [-]

The post proposes a new approach to support various inscription-based applications within the existing brc-20 framework. Modules operate independently of each other, and each Indexer only needs to parse data relevant to their interested module while still maintaining brc-20 balance consistency with other indexers.

The Freeze [✓]

Given past issues in older versions of Ord and in anticipation of significant updates, this post proposes that indexers standardize on the current reference version (0.9) to ensure consistent inscription validity and state stability in brc-20. Introduced at block height 816000.

Core Cleanup Phase 1 [-]

This post proposes the integration of a new core function, named “fraction,” into the brc-20 protocol to improve the experience of token transfers for all users. The fraction function is introduced to safeguard against unwanted transfer inscriptions that could disrupt tokens and disrupt a user’s operations.

BRC20 IP1: Issuance and Burn Enhancements [✓]

New issuance method (self mint) enabled for 5 digit tickers. Burn methodology consensus reached.

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